Noah's Ark

Proof Noah’s Flood Really Occurred?

Hundreds of feet below the Black Sea, American explorers led by Titanic discoverer Robert Ballard have found ancient signs of human habitation—habitation that existed before all life was killed from a catastrophic flood that occurred some 7,500 years ago.

Remember Noah and the Ark in the Book of Genesis?  The scientists think the building they have found in the depths of the sea is linked to this biblical story.  About 310 feet below the sea’s surface, the National Geographic expedition found a “rectangular structure,” which they think may have been a building from the Neolithic bronze age.  “We now know people were living on that surface when that event (the big flood) took place because we are now finding evidence of human habitation,” said Ballard.

“This is an incredible find.  It’s clear a vast amount of real estate is under water and that a vast amount of people were living around the Black Sea.”  He says the finding is far more significant than his Titanic discovery in 1985.  “Our job is to find as many structures as we can, to explore them and to see what they tell us about the people that lived here and present that to the world and let the world draw it’s own conclusions,” he said.

But is it Noah’s flood that destroyed this land?  Ballard says it’s too soon to make a definitive link, but he admits, “We are testing that theory and so far we have not found any holes in it.”

Cathryn Conroy