Once a pun a time

Evidence has been found that William Tell and his family were avid bowlers.  However, all the league records were unfortunately destroyed a fire.  Thus, we’ll never know for whom the Tells bowled.

A marine biologist developed a race of genetically engineered dophins that could live forever if they were fed a steady diet of young seagulls.  One day his supply of the hatchlings ran out, so he had to go out and trap some more.  On the way back, he spied two lions asleep on the road.  Afraid to wake them, he gingerly stepped over them.  Immediately, he was arrested and charged with transporting young gulls across sedate lions for immortal porpoises.

A famous viking explorer returned home from a voyage and found his name missing from the town register.  His wife insisted on complaining to the local civic official who apologized profusely saying, “I must have taken Leif off my census!”

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