Sometimes you just wonder…  I came across this job posting on today from a Credit Union looking for an IT Manager.

In the text of the posting, they identify themselves as, “As a 72 year old, financially sound, technologically advanced employer, you can count on us for competitive salary and benefits as well as career advancement potential. “

However when you read further, the technologies that they looking for someone to manage includes, “… modem pools; telecommunication systems preferable ROLM Model 30E; Unix, Citrix, Windows, DOS, Microsoft Office Suite, and other IBM or compatible software. ”  DOS and ROLM?  Modem pool!  These are technologies that died or should have been retired around the turn of the Milleniem… and they have them still in production?  Is this a third-world country?  Nope, right here it the good old USA.

Just goes to show you that one persons “technology” is another persons “nightmare”.

Good luck to them finding someone who wants to walk into that mess for less than $150,000.00 US.  The disaster recovery planning alone will cost them that…