Recovery Thoughts

  • In AA the only mistake you can make is not coming back.
  • Gratitude is the streetcar to a better attitude.
  • The catch-22 of recovery:
    You’ve got to change your thinking
    to change your drinking.
    But to change your thinking,
    you’ve got to change your drinking.
  • AA: Absolute Abstinence.
  • As a sponsor, remember you can carry the word, but not the person.
  • When alcoholics are ready, you can’t keep the program from them; when they’re not, you can’t give the program away.
  • I didn’t get what I wanted from AA; I got what I needed.
  • It’s a lot easier to stay sober than to get sober.
  • Fear is an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real
My Mind Is Out To Get Me by Dr. Ron B., ©1994 by Hazelden Foundation.