Satisfying Supergeeks

"Did you realize," my daughter asked me one day, "that Dad has about 20 computer keyboards in the basement?  What’s up with that?"

Great question, I thought.  Too bad I’ll never get a straight answer.  To my eternal chagrin, I’ve found that direct inquiries about technology purchases at my house always seem to end up in dead-end conversations about how much I spend on shoes.  Those of us who dwell in the Kingdom of the Supergeek eventually learn to quit asking things like, "What was in that big box from eBay?" ( "Uh, nothing for you.  Are those new shoes? ")

Opinion by Maryfran Johnson; DECEMBER 01, 2003 ( COMPUTERWORLD ) QuickLink 43121

This sounds like the discussions at our house, except that Jill doesn’t really buy many shoes; but she does like little sewing doodads—pretty much the same.