I voted for True Blood as the Breakthrough Performance because the other two choices were stupid.  And, as I looked at the front page of the Emmy site, I noticed that Heroes starts tomorrow.  I probably won’t watch, because I think it has jumped the shark.

Is there anything you want to watch, or has TV become unimportant.  It just doesn’t seem to be the uniting force it was thirty and more years ago.

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  1. When there were only 3 major networks, TV was indeed a unifying force in American culture, providing a lingua franca for us all, for better or for worse. Now, with so many choices for entertainment, there has been a balkanization of popular culture. The upside of this is that there is much greater variety for fans of all types of programming. The downside of this is seen in such things as the decline of network news, which could focus the country’s attention on issues of importance and was not under pressure to cover crap for ratings purposes.

    I don’t see how anyone can watch TV anymore without a DVR to keep track of the many different times and sites that programs appear on. I am down to “Lost” as a regular series.

    My vote: TV is important as it shapes the realities of whatever people choose to watch. Unfortunately, that means you have a bunch of people who get their sense of reality from F***ed News Network (aka Fox).

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