The bird is the word

This was in today's Oregonian:

Jim Morris thought there was something familiar about the three gold and white chickens he saw in the parking lot of the Motel 6 in Troutdale while on a trip to watch some motocross races.

They even came when he whistled.

It wasn't until he got home to Coos Bay that the Federal Express driver realized they were his daughter's chickens and had somehow made the 250-mile trip to Troutdale.

Morris called the motel and told the desk clerk he had a strange request to make.

'He asked if there were still three chickens in the parking lot,' said Gina Brumbaugh.

She replied that the chickens were still there.  In fact, they were lounging around the pool.

FedEx dispatcher Jill Brendel was going to Portland the following day and agreed to pick up the chickens and bring them back to Eugene, where Morris could pick them up.

The mystery of how the chickens made the 250-mile trip to Troutdale was solved on the trip to retrieve the birds in Eugene, when Morris got a flat tire.  When he pulled the spare from underneath the pickup bed, some chicken droppings fell out.

  • Travel tip: check your spare or you may find your birds pool-side.
  • Why did the chickens cross the road?  Troutdale is more fun than the New Carrissa.
  • Go North, young birds.

Happy Friday for you workin' folk! 🙂