The end of Moores Law

This post was originally written on December 2, 2003

Today, ZD Net sent the following paragraph in their daily email news blast:

Moore’s Law, as chip manufacturers generally refer to it today, is coming to an end, according to a recent research paper. That ultimate barrier to building increasingly powerful chips with smaller transistors is still a few decades away, but Intel researchers are already looking to new technologies, such as carbon nanotubes, silicon nanowires and 3D chips, to even surpass Moore’s Law. Intel will clearly invest whatever it takes to defend its turf, but the next decade will be marked by huge R&D investments from all corners of the earth to develop chips that will dominate future generations of digital as well as human bio-devices.

What is the state of the Chip market today in 2018.  Are we still using silicon chips?  Are we still 2 generations away from the end of Moore’s Law (2021)?  What Technologies are we using, or is this article just laughable as we got to the end of Moore’s Law years ago?

Post a comment and tell what life was like at the turn of the millenium.