It's time we did something about the price of gasoline in America!  We are all sick and tired of high prices when there are literally millions of gallons in storage.  Know what I found out?  If there was just ONE day when no one purchased any gasoline, prices would drop drastically.

The so-called oil cartel has decided to slow production by some 2 million barrels per day to drive up the price.  I have decided to see how many Americans we can get to NOT BUY ANY GASOLINE on one particular day!

Let's have a GAS OUT! Do not buy any gasoline on APRIL 30, 1999!!!!!  Buy on Thursday before, or Saturday after.  Do not buy any gasoline on FRIDAY, APRIL 30, 1999.

Wanna help?  Send this message to everyone you know.  Ask them to do the same.  All we need is a few million to participate in order to make a difference.  Let me know how many you will send out.  We CAN make a difference.