The Mac OS X Tipping Point

Read this Daring Fireball article, then this comment:

And then there are those of us who’s first personal computer was the Apple II, got sucked into the dark side when we left college and worked on CPM and PC-DOS’s.  We were always yearning for a multi-tasking operating system with a useful beautiful interface. Â¬â€ We were seduced again by the promise of OS/2, and were disappointed when IBM fucked up the marketing, and also ran Winapps — Oh the irony.

We assumed that there would never be a really good alternative to Windoze; Linux seemed promising, but really young and no applications to migrate our corporate user base onto.

Then Apple did a wonderful thing, ported their interface onto *nix and made beautiful hardware.  I’ve switched (I still have a Windoze machine for some special unported applications), and I hardly ever regret the decision.

I think that eventually there will be critical mass reached.  The PC vs Mac ads are helping and so is the popularity of the iPod and the user experience of the Apple Stores.