The truth, the whole truth…

No swimming right after lunch! Sugar will make you hyper! How many of these parental proclamations are actually true?  Ken Jennings unveils the truth behind the myths (lies) parents tell kids.

  1. Stay away from the poinsettia!  The leaves are poisonous.  Not!
  2. No swimming for an hour after lunch, you’ll cramp up.  Not!
  3. When you start shaving, the hair will grow in thicker.  Not!
  4. Don’t eat snow — it’ll make you sick!  Not!
  5. Drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day.  Not!
  6. It’s too dark in here, you’ll hurt your eyes.  Not!
  7. You are a special little snowflake.  Not!
  8. You need hydrogen peroxide on that scrape, cut, et cetera.  Not!
  9. Take off the ban-aid to let your cut air out.  Not!
  10. Don’t cross your eyes — they’ll get stuck like that!  Not!
Parade Magazine, 14-Dec-2012

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