There are lessons to be learned from difficult situations.

Cherrie always tells me, “There are lessons to be learned from difficult situations.”  So, As I wait for her arrival call from Customs at Boston Logan, I made a list.

The Lessons I have learned from my challenge:

(Some were total surprises, even to me)

  1. Vacuuming requires the movement of furniture (who knew?)
  2. After doing the laundry, the bed does not make it’s self
  3. Our new and expensive Energy Star dryer won’t fold my boxers
  4. It is impossible to mop the kitchen floor without leaving streak marks (Law of Sponge Mop Physics 127, the more you wash the floor, the streakier it gets)
  5. The less you shower, the dirtier the shower gets
  6. Forget the Big Bang Theory, lint appears spontaneously from thin air (ashes to ashes lint to lint, Darwin was wrong)
  7. The cat doesn’t know how to clean the litter box
  8. Why do they call it an “Automatic Dishwasher” when you have to push buttons?
  9. They don’t sell TV Dinners anymore at the Supermarkets
  10. I still can’t find the TV remote.  I have had to read books for 20 days!
by John Treworgy, via email, Thu, 13 Mar 2008 11:38:28 -0700