Too hot in here…

This exchange of email occurred on the struts-user mailing list as an off-topic posting.  In America developers are increasingly the target of losing their jobs to offshore dev-farms in India and China

Ha! You Americans are funny.
Over here everything is very high tech. We even have a special gizmo that
gives us the power to control office temperature through a local interface.
Its this little knob thing mounted on the wall and if you rotate it
clockwise the office gets warmer, and if you rotate it the other way it
colder (A little TOO cold if you ask me, but I digress...)
Ahhh the infinite bounds of human ingenuity...
Maybe one day your scientists will catch up and you too will no longer have
to work up a sweat just to write a struts app...

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>I hate to say it (well, I don't really), but the whole thing is
>ridiculous. What's the matter with keeping our call centers in the
>United States? And do we *really* need a call center to maintain the
>stinkin' temperature?! I don't think so. It just goes to show the
>stupidity of some of the things my employer does.
>On Saturday, October 18, 2003, at 09:21 AM, Martin Gainty wrote:
>> Worse..the People maintaining the Call Center system are permanently
>> out to
>> lunch
>> They make US government workers look industrious!
>> -M
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>>> On 10/17/2003 10:10 PM Andy Engle wrote:
>>>> Sorry to diverge from the already off-topic topic, but this one
>>>> couldn't go without being shared: It's really hot in the room we work
>>>> in today. We've been trying to cool it down in here, but I just
>>>> heard
>>>> from a co-worker of mine (who heard it from our boss) that the
>>>> heating
>>>> and air conditioning in our room (which is in a much larger building
>>>> here in northern IL) is actually managed/monitored by a group in
>>>> India,
>>>> where supposedly there is a call center that handles such matters.
>>>> It's hot and stuffy in the cave right now (we refer to the room we
>>>> work
>>>> in as the cave, since there are no windows or signs of the great
>>>> outdoors) -- everyone is hot and complaining about it. Anyway, this
>>>> co-worker just told me that our boss apparently called the
>>>> maintenance
>>>> people to compliain about the excessive heat problem this morning,
>>>> but
>>>> his call was routed to a call center in *India*, where the person
>>>> there
>>>> logged a ticket for the heat to be turned down. That ticket was
>>>> logged, but in the end the problem is due to the fact that the heat
>>>> was
>>>> left on, and the person who can turn it down is out today. So, in
>>>> spite of our *international* effort to make sure we're all
>>>> comfortable
>>>> in our office buildings, the ticket logged in India is being
>>>> unanswered
>>>> by a vacationing maintenance worker who is simply not around to cut
>>>> the
>>>> heat back a little.
>>> Global warming?
>>> Adam