When I started my new job last December, I saw this very strange sign on the towel dispenser in the restroom.  I have no idea what the hell it’s supposed to tell you, since it’s not an automatic dispenser.

As a matter of fact, the dispenser has several design flaws, none of which the sign warns you about:

  1. If you don’t use both hands on either side of the towel to pull it down, it tears off in your hand without dispensing a whole towel.
  2. If you pull too fast, the clutch pulls back too much and the towel completely disappears.
  3. If the towel disappears, there is no indication on how to use the recessed knob (which also doesn’t have a directional arrow) on the right hand side of the dispenser to get the towels started again.
  4. I have no idea what the waving hand is supposed to mean, unless it means that this particular dispenser doesn’t have a motion detector that senses movement and dispenses a towel which is incredibly obvious since those dispensers seem to always have some kind of LED or electric-eye on the front.
  5. And the single hand on the left doesn’t seem to mean anything, since the big arrow clearly means, “Towels come out here, idiot”.

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  1. My translation?
    The diagram on the left says “wait for Towel to appear, at least until all the water runs down your sleeve.”
    The little picture on the left says “Do NOT hit the machine when it is hosed up.”
    The arrow is to remind you to look down at your trousers for an inconspicuous spot to wipe your hands somewhat dry.

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