Tribute to Phyllis Treworgy

We knew her as Phyllis, and "fillus" she did
With the spirit of hope and the faith of a kid.
But even in our sadness, we knew what was true…
We were graced by an angel who was just passing through.

She lived life, she loved life, she cherished it all
And when dear friends were in need, she answered the call.
We basked in her warmth and "relished" her treats
With a door always open and a bed with clean sheets.

And when time grew closer, two angels were sent
They showed her God's Heaven, so magnificent
That she beamed and proclaimed to all who came near
Of the beauty and wonder that was now crystal clear.

One angel got restless and anticipating…
He knew handsome Stubby was anxious and waiting
But the other said,"wait… for a few things unfinished"
Let God's Love shine through with a light undiminished.

She shared her great vision as a witness so sure
With her soul filled with joy, her immense heart so pure.
From the earth she did leave…on to Heaven above,
But she left us with the truth of God's unending love.

Alan Lord, 2003