We’re getting old…

The other day (specifically, on March 14th), I heard that one of the famous people born on March 14th was actor Michael Caine, and that he was…73.  I figured that had to be wrong, so I looked it up, and, of course, it is absolutely correct.  Along the way, I found birthdays and, more to the point, ages for a number of other people I still think of as being “young” – or, at least, not “old”.  I figured “Why should I suffer alone?”, so here a few of the names and ages that made me feel like I was in need of a walker, a cotton bathrobe, and fuzzy slippers:

Roger Daltry (lead singer for the Who)62
Lou Reed62
David Gilmour (Lead Guitar, Pink Floyd)60
Billy Crystal59
Sylvester Stallone62
Peter Graves (TV Mission: Impossible “Mr. Phelps”)80
Ursula Andress70
Timothy Dalton (James Bond, “The Living Daylights” & “License to Kill”)62
William Shatner74
Leonard Nimoy74
James Caan66
Eric Clapton60
Warren Beatty68
Richard Chamberlain (“Young Dr. Kildare”, “Shogun” mini-series, and innumerable other mini-series)70
Shirley Jones71
Julie Andrews70
Roger Moore78
Mike Ditka (Football Coach, Chicago Bears, among others)66
Annette Funicello63
Charlie Daniels69
Henry “The Fonz” Winkler60
Don Novello (Father Guido Sarducci)63
Stephen Stills61
Jimmy Page62
Faye Dunaway65
Dolly Parton60
Goldie Hawn60
Arte Johnson72
Buzz Aldrin76
Piper Laurie74
Paul Newman81
Tom Selleck61
Suzanne Pleshette69
Mick Jagger62
Keith Richard (and preserved in a vat of formaldehyde until he’s needed for a Rolling Stones tour)62

And, finally, perhaps the worst one of all: Paul McCartney is 63 (and turning 64 on June 18th)!

By Jeffrey Patten, via email, Tue, 21 Mar 2006 11:44:24 -0800