Whack Job Day

All this hysteria over the death of a pop star is disgusting.

With all the goings on, you’d have thought that Michael Jackson cured cancer, or done something really important…  OK, he was a great pop star, but to have the whole top fold of the Star-Tribune covering the story (including a headline typo because they were in such a big hurry), when they should be making at least as big a deal about our resident whack-job — Michele Bachmann — crowing to the heavens that she just isn’t going to complete her census form next year.

Michael Jackson sang some great songs, but he was also a disgusting perverted freak who was in the newspaper and the courtroom way too many times for playing with little boys; had an addiction to cosmetic surgery; and lived in a fantasy land.  Is this really the kind of person who belongs on the front page of the paper?  He’s already had more than his fifteen minutes…

What does American Society really stand for any more?

PS: The headline was, THRILLER IS GONE: King of Pop was a boy wonder turned global superstar whose odd life ended abuptly.