Who can you trust?

Sometimes… it just makes you go hmmm.  My doctor keeps harping about by diet and exercise because my cholesterol is over the magic 200 number recently.  I try to watch what I eat, and I’m riding my bike more; but then I read an article like this…

If you’re avoiding eggs because you think they’ll raise your cholesterol, stop it.  Revisionist science says the anti-egg crusade was a mistake.

Eggs aren’t as bad as you thought.  In the 1960s, doctors thought cholesterol in food clogged arteries and that egg yolks were prime villains.  But just because eggs themselves are high in cholesterol doesn’t mean they raise your blood cholesterol.

That idea has bitten the dust, says Anthony L. Komaroff, M.D., in “Harvard Health Letter.”  Research shows people who eat an egg a day are no more likely to have heart disease than those who eat eggs less than once a week, he says.  “The cholesterol in food doesn’t affect the levels in your blood all that much,” Komaroff says.  “My wife and I have eggs several times a week — guilt free!”

Eat Smart Column by Jean Carper in USA Weekend

I just wonder if they make shit up to keep you worrying that you’re gonna die…  My cholesterol was never a problem until I quit drinking.  I guess I’ll just try to live happy, joyous and free and give up worrying about stuff.

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  1. Makes you wonder if you shouldn’t have trusted you old Uncle John after all?!?

    I eat about a dozen & a half eggs a week & my total cholesterol at last count was 178. That’s total. Triglycerides & various other crap were way low and that bull about “good vs. bad” cholesterol I’ve pretty much forgotten after having about a slab of beef a week, too (in addition to the eggs).

    Then again, I’ve got a 75lb weight vest for regular exercise, and can beat the 18-29 year old crowd at the police academy with the run, push ups, sit ups & bench press (and I’m 40).

    Maybe being ADHD and taking your frustrations out on exercise is actually good for your arteries. Who knew?

    In about 2000 years there will be a multi-trillion dollar government study that will enlighten us all with the revelation that good diet & exercise are the secret to good health.

    And we will all gladly pay for it, too…

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