Worry means we aren't letting God do God's work.

If we'll let it, the Third Step of our program will change our lives in a most profound way. This Step asks us to turn our will over to the care of God. In other words, we need to do three things: (1) Give up control. (2) Give up worry. (3) Quiet our minds and listen to our inner voice. It's not impossible to do these things once we get accustomed to them, and they certainly take the guesswork out of what our response to any situation should be. We'll know what to do. And we'll see that God has every outcome under control.

We have spent so many fruitless hours worrying about other people and our relationships with them. We have felt compelled to force doors open, for them and for ourselves. We have driven people away because we have tried to play God in their lives—all because of worry. Give it up. Let God be God.

If I begin to worry today, I'll know I'm taking over for God. I can stop myself from worrying.

A Life of My Own by Karen Casey &copy1993