You are not alone

"Perhaps the strangest and most insidious aspect of the disease ofalcoholism is its ability to hide itself from the sufferer. Alcoholics areexperts at not being able to see their own illness. They are often thelast to admit that they have a drinking problem.

"Alcoholism is aprogressive illness. Late starting or early, the drinking gets more andmore out of control. Indeed, the very attempt to control it can become anall-consuming preoccupation.

"Help is available, but you must makethe decision to ask for it…[In A.A.] you will simply meet men and womenwho have found a way to free themselves from their dependence on alcoholand have begun to repair the damage it has done to their lives. Suchfreedom and recovery can be yours, too"

A.A. for the Woman (A.A.Pamphlet P-5) – page 8-9©1976