You Can Learn It All in Basic Training

Everything you need to know to succeed in life can be learned in three months of basic training:

  • You can get along with anybody if you take a lot of showers together.
  • No matter how bad your haircut is, it always grows back.
  • If you are really hungry, even lousy food is delicious.
  • Gunsdokill people, too.
  • The fastest way to accomplish something is by not working as fast as you can, but at steadily as you can.
  • It is not courage that makes ordinary people perform extraordinary deeds.  It is the shame of letting down other people who are counting on you.
  • Payday is sweet when you know you have earned it.
  • Neatness always counts, so make your bed every day.
  • You're never as tired as you think you are, especially when someone starts yelling at you.
  • Learn to follow instructions.
  • Everyone should wear name tags.
  • If you have to, you can eat a meal in 10 minutes.  Or less.
  • Clean your tools after you use them, because you might not have time later on.
  • Singing while you walk with a large group of people doesn't feel nearly as silly as you thought it would.
  • Having someone you trust watching your back makes all things seem possible.

By Dennis Rogers, As printed in Ann Landers Newspaper Column