Your tax dollars at work

I ran across a link to popular baby names at the Social Security Administration and I just couldn’t resist finding out how popular I was.  It appears that I have been getting more popular since I was born, because the rank of the name “Jonathan” has been rising from 118th most popular male baby name when I was born to its current level in the low twenties.  I don’t know why I’ve been getting more popular, but the US Government wouldn’t lie would it?

Rank of the name Jonathan for the years 1955-2004.

What continues to amaze me is despite being in the top twenty-five names given to baby males in the last twenty-four years how many people get it wrong.  Is it really that difficult?  One nice thing for me is the fact that there weren’t that many kids with my name that I went to school with, so when someone called my name, it usually meant that they wanted me for something (or I was in trouble), not like those hoards of: Dave, Mike, Jim, John, Bob, Mark, Bill, Dick, Tom, and Steves that always had at least two members in every classroom.