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I was surfing my newsreader and came across the following survey: Top ten things only men can can do.Go toplessHold our liquorManscapeNavigate spatiallyShave our headsPlay real sportsFertilize eggsPee standing upF*** thingsAge wellWhich was a little […]
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Blog Upgraded

Just finished updating the blog to the newest versions of WordPress (2.6.1) and Gallery (2.2.5).  It took me from yesterday afternoon until just now to fix all the things that caused it to break (deprecated […]
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For a breath of air

What will we do when we use up all the natural resources… will we mine the landfills that we’ve created…What about the resources we’ve sent in to space… will we send an expedition into low […]
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Sometimes you just wonder…  I came across this job posting on today from a Credit Union looking for an IT Manager.In the text of the posting, they identify themselves as, “As a 72 year […]
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Surviving work

Three little sentences that will get you through life.  Number 1: Cover for me.  Number 2: Oh, good idea, Boss!  Number 3: It was like that when I got here.Homer Simpson