Do they get dumber when they go to college?

I’m not sure for sure; but I did have the following SMS conversation with Daniel last Saturday, 7 June, 2008 at 17:22.

Daniel: How much is 1/4 cup…8 ounces?

Me: More like 2oz – 8oz in a cup.

Maybe he got the recessive “lost keys” gene that my mother had, but it affects his ability to remember English cooking measurements…

And, when I told this to a co-worker, she said that her 19 year-old, who was making her first grocery store run after moving into her new apartment, called from the store to say, “I’ve been up and down the refrigerator aisle three times; and they don’t have any mayonnaise here at Cub.”

We “idiotic” parents seem to be getting smarter; a task much easier when presented with questions like these…