State Fair

Daniel and I spent the first of September at the “Great Minnesota Get-together.”  I had a Pronto Pup (Corn Dog) for my fried food quota, but Daniel had a foot-long Pronto Pup (the Big Daddy) and a deep fried Milky Way on a stick; but he got the punishment for that one because he sat down to eat it and a huge wad of powdered sugar fell in his lap.  We also shared a couple of tubs of fresh french fries, (Daniel 3/4, Dad 1/4).  Most of the rest of the crap that I ate was “theoretically” healthy as it contained milk and fruit; including the two raspberry malts that I had, and a gigantic root beer float.

We were pretty conservative this year compared to the past.  We didn’t even try out the “hot” new food on a stick which was spaghetti-on-a-stick.  Sounds on the dumb side if you ask me; and friends who had it said that it wasn’t that great a treat.