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I'm not sure I told you that the TV production company Hannah is working for produces a weekly health program for Rhode Island PBS. They are interested in doing a program on the effects of stroke on daily family life and have asked if Cherrie and I would be the subjects. We agreed feeling that if our experience can help, others, it would be a good thing to do.

HOWEVER, I had a few suggestions:

I thought it would be more appealing if it were a variety show: STROKE, THE MUSICAL!

Hannah and I are already hard at work writing some destinctly unmemorable new songs for the event, such as:

"I Ain't Been Right Since My Left Side Done Me Wrong"

"That Bitter Pill I Swallowed Wasn't on My List of Meds"

" I call My Walker Johnny, So I Won't Drive Myself to Drink"

Along with some rousing renditions of some old favorites: "(Don't) Lean On Me," "Rehab Cowboy" and "Stand By our man (or He'll Fall Off the Porch)"

Not to mention that jolly holiday toe-tapper: " I Want a New Phlebotomist for Chirstmas".

We are also penning some easily forgotten new compositions like" "Chasing the PT's in my BVD's" "Third Shift Nurses All Look Better in the Dark."

Alas, I am fearfull that the Rhode Island PBS will not be as enthusistic as we are.

But, I think we can make a good case;since they insist on re-running that insipid "Yanni at the Acropolis" special every fundraiser, I don't think they have a leg to stand on (however, I only have one good one myself).

We'll Keep you posted,

John and Hannah (Father who suffered a stroke, and his daughter)

via eMail, Fri, 21 Jan 2000 11:56:36 -0600