Corporations: “Not so nice citizens”

My friend Bruce keeps harping about how evil the Walton empire (Wal*Mart, Sams Club) is and how it’s much better to shop at Costco based on an article he read in one of the Twin-Cities free weekly newspapers.  Now I’m not saying that he’s wrong, but I read a couple of things this week:

  • Meet the Corporation: It has no conscience.  It’s pathological.  And it’s in your neighborhood.  How can we stop the juggernaut?  by Chris Warren in the September/October issue of Sierra Magazine, and,
  • Condemnation Nation: The big business of eminent domain.  by Joshua Kurlantzick in the October issue of Harper’s Magazine

These articles make me really think that no matter what the big business is, it doesn’t really matter; that our boycotts don’t really matter anymore, that we’ve given away all our rights and there is no way we can reclaim them.

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