Lost keys

There’s a new commercial for Aricept, a drug for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, that shows a husband looking through the house to help his wife look for her lost car keys.  He says, “Did you look in the bathroom where you left them last time.”  Eventually he finds them behind a pint of half-and-half on the shelf in the refrigerator.

I said to Jill that if losing your car keys was a prerequisite of Alzheimer’s, then my mother must have had it since she was in her mid-30’s.  She has never been able to keep track of her car keys, and has tried every trick in the book to keep track of where she put them.  She doesn’t have trouble keeping track of other things… just her keys.

When we were kids, we were always on patrol for the missing car keys.  It was like a never ending scavenger hunt.

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  1. My kids probably remember the scavenger hunt for keys with me, as you do with your mom. I can’t keep track of my keys, but don’t think I’d ever put them in the fridge…in one of the many handbags by the door, a jacket pocket, on top of the dresser, maybe even in the bathroom, if i’ve run in there right after coming in from the garage. But in the fridge? Really?

    Losing my marbles enough to put the keys in the butter door would be enough for me to move to “assisted living”, even though I am a good ways away from being “55+”

    Okay, now that i’ve shot my mouth off about that, I probably will end up putting them in the dishwasher or under the rug in the living room. Happy Sunset Rest Home, here I come!

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